Hugging You

 This beautiful and messy world is sure a lot these days. War, COVID, racism, unrest, and climate issues are just a few things that might have your attention. Yes, they are hard. And yes, there is also goodness, LOVE, kindness, and beauty worldwide.   Don’t lose sight of the world YOU want to live in …

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Say what?

  What did you say? Did you really say that to yourself? Whew, our self-talk can be toxic. It’s certainly something that I stay conscious of myself and with clients.   What is self-talk? It is talk or thoughts directed at oneself. Psychologists believe that the vast majority of our emotions come from the way …

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I’m choosy

I am on it! I choose to stand for LOVE. I choose to stand for kindness. I choose to stand for compassion. I choose to stand for peace. I choose to stand for justice. I choose to focus on solutions while not ignoring problems. I choose to be an ally for marginalized communities and continue …

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Everlasting LOVE

As we approach Valentine’s Day, LOVE is in the air. People searching for LOVE. People in LOVE. People hurting from LOVE lost. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Some people LOVE the holiday, while others say Hallmark created it to sell their products. Whatever the reason, it’s a time of the year that has our attention turned to …

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Can’t make me

Have you ever tried and tried to make someone LOVE you (or like you) and all your efforts seemed to fail? In my pre-Positive Focus days, if 9 out of 10 people liked me, I found myself focused on the one who didn’t… even if I didn’t like them. I would spend more time thinking …

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Let me introduce you

Hi! Let me introduce myself. I’m Carol; some call me CC.   I am white, and with that comes inherent privilege.   My guiding values: LOVE, kindness, compassion, and peace.   I admire and strive to be like Mr. Rogers, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Bryan Stevenson, and more.   I smile a lot. I laugh a …

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Have I told you…

The holiday season can be a hard time to get through for many. If you feel lonely, unworthy, or anything less than your truth of LOVE, let me tell you something… Have I told you that… The world is a better place because of you. Someone is smiling right now because they are thinking about …

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Dolphins versus sharks

dolphins versus sharks

Dolphins versus sharks:   Do you have people in your life who celebrate with you and hold that vision with you on living your dreams fully? You know, the people that when you share what you are up to, they get excited for and with you, and you leave that conversation even more pumped than …

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