Remember me fondly…

Right now, take a moment and ask yourself, ‘do I make people happier entering the room or leaving it?’ Ask yourself, ‘do I see the best in people or the worst in people?’ Ask yourself, ‘how do I want to show up for myself and others?’ Once you have determined how you want to be …

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I’m choosy

I am on it! I choose to stand for LOVE. I choose to stand for kindness. I choose to stand for compassion. I choose to stand for peace. I choose to stand for justice. I choose to focus on solutions while not ignoring problems. I choose to be an ally for marginalized communities and continue …

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Puzzle pieces

Today is a puzzle. For some, pieces are coming together. For others, pieces are falling apart. Today someone is getting their dream job. Today someone is being let go from a job they needed. Today someone is getting married. Today someone is getting divorced. Today justice is being served. Today injustice is being handed out. …

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Care to dance?

Recently I was coaching someone through making decisions on what their next step is in their business. For years, she was known for one talent, yet she was ready to follow a new path and discover new opportunities in her heart. There were many apprehensions as she wanted to know how and when it would …

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Hawaii here I come

Oh, Chicago! I LOVE LOVE LOVE you. And, we need a break from each other. 🙂 Not yet, but soon. I LOVE Chicago. I LOVE living in a place with four seasons. And, I LOVE to travel. This winter, particularly the last few weeks, has been cold and many glitters (formally known as snow). It’s …

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Everlasting LOVE

As we approach Valentine’s Day, LOVE is in the air. People searching for LOVE. People in LOVE. People hurting from LOVE lost. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Some people LOVE the holiday, while others say Hallmark created it to sell their products. Whatever the reason, it’s a time of the year that has our attention turned to …

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Can’t make me

Have you ever tried and tried to make someone LOVE you (or like you) and all your efforts seemed to fail? In my pre-Positive Focus days, if 9 out of 10 people liked me, I found myself focused on the one who didn’t… even if I didn’t like them. I would spend more time thinking …

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Ready for a new day

I LOVE sunrises! Well, I actually prefer sunsets, only because they show up at a better time of day for me. 🙂 I also LOVE to capture moments by taking pictures.   Chicago winters can be cold, snowy, and gray. I look for the sunrise each morning. Some days I know it’s greeting me behind …

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Let me introduce you

Hi! Let me introduce myself. I’m Carol; some call me CC.   I am white, and with that comes inherent privilege.   My guiding values: LOVE, kindness, compassion, and peace.   I admire and strive to be like Mr. Rogers, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Bryan Stevenson, and more.   I smile a lot. I laugh a …

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