I Choose Kindness

By sharing a kind smile, word, and hug, you lift others and, thus, the world.  – Carol CC Miller

In 2014, I initiated the beautiful journey of the “I Choose Kindness Movement” to spread awareness about the incredible power of kindness. 

Our movement is not only simple but profoundly impactful. By choosing kindness, you embark on a path where your thoughts, words, and actions are guided by kindness. You won’t always be perfect, but you’ll swiftly catch yourself when fear seeks to divert your attention. You’ll choose to see LOVE over fear, diversity over differences, and peace over conflict. We’re all human, and there will be moments when we lose sight, but we also have the power to refocus on LOVE, compassion, and kindness. 

Joining us is easy:

  • Share a photo of yourself holding an “I Choose Kindness” sign and your location.
  • Share a heartwarming story of an act of kindness, whether you gave or received it.
  • Be gentle with yourself as you strengthen your kindness muscles. 

It’s important to remember that we don’t deal in absolutes. We steer clear of words like right/wrong, good/bad, always/never, and instead, we embrace a scale from 1 (always negative) to 100 (always positive). My personal commitment is to aim for the 80%+ mark in being Kind, LOVING, compassionate, and peaceful. But remember, you get to choose your own goal, and even 51% places you on a path of positive progress. 

Just imagine a world where most of us are focused on being kinder to ourselves and others. I invite you to join me in our global movement to create a world filled with more kindness. 

If you desire a kinder world, start by being kinder in your own world. If you long for a more LOVING world, begin by being more LOVING in your own world. If you aspire to a more compassionate world, start by being more compassionate in your own world. If you dream of a peaceful world, take the first step by being more peaceful in your own world.

Take a moment to explore our I Choose Kindness album. It’s a visual reminder of the LOVE and kindness we’re spreading across the globe.

I Choose Kindness
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