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 Hi Hugger!
 I’m so excited you are joining the Global Hug Team! Please fill out the form below, and feel free to email if you have further questions. If this is your first free hug experience, know that when I started my hug journey in 2008, I was terrified, and I did it anyway. You’ve got this! If you’ve offered free hugs before, well then, you know the powerful impact of the experience. 
Much LOVE & Big ((HUGS))

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If someone else signs up to hug in your community, would you like me to connect you with them via email? If you say yes, I will email you and the other hugger and then it will be up to you to coordinate. **Your email will only be shared with those who want to meet other local huggers.*
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*** By signing up to join the global hug community, you agree to adhere to your local laws and health codes to keep everyone safe.

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