The Journey

You have heard me say it dozens if not hundreds of times – life is beautiful and messy. I coach, speak, and write about positivity, and I believe all of that exists within the beauty and messiness of life. It’s about heightening the beauty through celebration and lessening the messiness of sorrow. It’s about joyful …

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Walking with…

A week ago, another tragedy hit, another mass shooting killing 19 4th graders and two teachers. There is the war in Ukraine, global warming, and various other issues that seem to be insurmountable. I know I’ve been asking myself what I can do to bring more LOVE, kindness, compassion, and peace forward.   While there …

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Desmond Tutu Quotes

On Sunday, the world lost an amazing man – Desmond Tutu, and I lost a man who changed my world. I’ve shared his importance in my life before, so I’ll keep it short. I invited him to join my first global hug event in 2008, and he said YES! He then joined a second time before …

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Someone needs to hear this.

Whether you find yourself in celebration or sorrow, know that someone is on a similar journey as you. There is no need to compare your celebrations or sorrows to others’ joy or pain. Feel your feels. Breathe. Laugh. Cry. And remember, YOU are someone!   SOMEONE: Someone is welcoming in a new life today. Someone …

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Your journey with grief

We can choose compassion instead of comparison on any topic, especially grief.   Someone is losing a grandparent today. Someone is losing a parent today. Someone is losing a spouse today. Someone is losing a sibling today. Someone is losing a child today. Someone is losing someone they LOVE and care deeply for today.   …

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The empty table

It’s Thanksgiving. This table is used to be extended as far out as possible and often with a card table at one end to allow all the family to eat together. It’s used to having place settings set up for six, eight, or more people depending on who could come. The house smelled delicious, the …

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Waves of Grief

  Grief is like a vast body of water.   There will be days, especially early on in your grief journey, when the waves are pounding too fast for you to keep up with, and you won’t know how you don’t sink to the bottom.   There will be days when a rogue wave hits …

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