Positive Mindset

Asking for a favor

Will you do me a favor?   Take a moment right now and put everything aside.   Step 1: Close your eyes and put your hand on your heart. Put your hand on your skin rather than your clothing if you can.   Step 2: B R E A T H E. Take several slow …

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Making Memories

  Do you go about your day thinking that you are making memories? Did you know that your thoughts, words, and actions create precious memories in any given moment?   This past week, a friend of mine unexpectedly died. She was one of my sailing friends. I didn’t see much of her during the off-season, …

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What Is It?

  What is it that you want in your life? Do you want more LOVE in your life? Do you want more kindness and compassion in your life? What about peace?     Have you taken a moment to sit and ask yourself what you truly want in your life? Well, let today be that …

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Who Are You?

  I am a big baseball fan for those who don’t know me well. Specifically, I am a St. Louis Cardinal fan. I’m excited that the season is back on after months of the owners locking the players out. I follow a Facebook page for Cardinal fans, and while I LOVE it, it also reminds …

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When it hits the 40s and dare, I say 50 in Chicago, that means – Spring is in the air! Windows are open, fresh air is coming in, and it’s time for spring cleaning! I love spring for various reasons – rejuvenation of life, flowers blooming, warmer weather, and sunnier skies. I also enjoy spring …

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Rising Above It

Today was a heavy day with what is going on in Ukraine, and other places in the world and within the US. While my heart gets heavy with what is going on in the world, I know that rising above fear is the way through it.  I I find stepping into fear easily and being …

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Say what?

  What did you say? Did you really say that to yourself? Whew, our self-talk can be toxic. It’s certainly something that I stay conscious of myself and with clients.   What is self-talk? It is talk or thoughts directed at oneself. Psychologists believe that the vast majority of our emotions come from the way …

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Get Creating

Get Creating

Did you know that you are a powerful creator? Yes, YOU! Do you consider yourself creative? I see many people who don’t feel creative because they don’t play an instrument, aren’t writers, or aren’t artists. Yes, those are creative outlets, as are sketching and knitting, but there is much more to being creative. YOU are a creator.   …

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First Off

What is holding you back? Do you have a daily to-do list that would require a week to accomplish? Are you passionate about something but don’t feel you have what it takes to create it? Do you procrastinate because the tasks at hand seem too big to grasp?   First things first – BREATHE! Step …

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It’s time to live

Are you LIVING the dream? Are you living? Or are you simply alive?   I was thinking about the differences between being alive and living. To me, being alive is waking up, breathing, getting through the day, going to bed, and starting it all over again. To live, to truly LIVE, is waking up, breathing …

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