It's time to Embrace YOUR Life

There are billions of people in this world but there is only one YOU!

Now is time to learn how to embrace your life.

I am Carol CC Miller, your positive life strategist, peace activator, and global hugger.

My passion is to help people personally and professionally embrace and design the life they are meant to live.

Embrace YOUR Life Coaching: whether it be one-on-one or in a group setting, we’ll take a look at where you are, where you want to go, and inspired steps to get there.

Embrace YOUR Life Speaking/Consulting: If your group or business could use a positivity boost, I’m ready. Whether it be talking to your team or brainstorming behind the scenes, I help connect your team with your vision. 

Embrace YOUR Life Travels: What better way to embrace your life than to embrace the world at large. The world is our workshop, so let’s go out and discover it together.

Positive Focus & Hugs Movement: I created Positive Focus in 2007 to help people focus on LOVE over fear. In 2008, I began a global hugs initiative and the rest is history. (PF a 501c3 nonprofit).


Kudos for Carol

Whether it’s in coaching, speaking, consulting, travel, or Positive Focus, I am here to help shine LOVE in the world. It starts with YOU.

Carol CC Miller is the Epitome of LOVE, kindness, and compassion! She is a beacon of light for many, when the inevitable darkness come in from time and time. Her LOVE reminds people of why they are here and her genuine kindness is a smooth balm to the soul.. And, her HUGS!!!!!!!! There is nothing better. I have Loved Carol for over a decade and will love her throughout this lifetime.
Sunny Dawn Johnston
Carol's help has been absolutely critical in me moving forward in my life, living a great quality of life while starting and opening a brand new business. ​
Dr. Sharyl Truty
I feel fortunate to have crossed paths with my dear friend Carol CC Miller. Carol is a beacon of light, and serves to always uplift, inspire and support anyone who is going through a challenging time. One of many things Carol and I share is a deep passion of supporting and giving voice to those who are often overlooked and deemed as outsiders. Carol's golden heart is pure, rare and something magical to experience in person. It's a blessing to witness Carol's continued commitment to helping raise the consciousness of humanity one day at a time through her empowering work and contributions. ​ ​
Emmanuel dagher

It’s time to live

Are you LIVING the dream? Are you living? Or are you simply alive?   I was thinking about the differences between being alive and living. To me, being alive is waking up, breathing, getting through the day, going to bed, and starting it all over again. To live, to truly LIVE, is waking up, breathing

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Rise and SHINE

Welcome to 2022!   Did you create resolutions? I’m not a big resolution creator as I don’t know that I’ve ever gone the entire year to accomplish them. I like to think about what I would like to experience in the upcoming months of my life. How do I want to experience my relationships with

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Desmond Tutu Quotes

On Sunday, the world lost an amazing man – Desmond Tutu, and I lost a man who changed my world. I’ve shared his importance in my life before, so I’ll keep it short. I invited him to join my first global hug event in 2008, and he said YES! He then joined a second time before

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Bring YOUR dreams to life.

The life you are yearning to live is yearning for you too! The Focus Life Plan will help you discover what you are ready for  NOW and creating room for in the future. Let's get started.  ​

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