Like so many of us, I used to feel that what I did, didn’t matter or that what I did wasn’t good enough. A few years ago, I knew I wanted a coach to help me navigate those feelings and my feelings about work and family life challenges. The first coach I chose to work with back then wasn’t a good fit at all.  I definitely picked the wrong person, and so I was apprehensive about trying again. I thought I’d just have to keep navigating the waters of personal development on my own. Then one day, on Facebook, CC’s live ended up in my feed. After a few months of watching her, I knew she was the kind of life strategist I needed. I knew I had to work with her. She is genuine, positive, and so caring. She encourages you to see your challenges from a new perspective and in a helpful and productive manner. She provides so much value during an appointment, not only with her coaching but also with her check-ins and references. I am so grateful to myself for taking the leap, despite my fears, and started working with CC over a year ago. She has helped me see that my kind and sensitive heart is not negative. She has cheered me on as I become more aware, can identify triggers faster, and navigate challenges more easily. CC has shown me ways to see that I always do my best, I am enough, and that I can be assertive and still be kind at the same time. I would highly recommend her to anyone.  – Jennifer Lunt 

This woman is straight-up magic. Carol has been my go-to person when I need to be reminded of what matters. She has a wonderful way of cutting right through all the noise to remind you of your power and how to rise above the conflict and the struggle. – Melissa Kim Corter

I really believe I was able to thrive and surpass a less-than-ideal situation because of the things Carol taught me to practice and incorporate daily such as mindfulness and intentionality. THANK YOU!!! – Iliana Gonzalez

Whether in a group setting or one-on-one Carol’s coaching style is gentle, easy to understand, and knowledgeable on the law of attraction. She is the master of reframing contrast and providing positive examples on what little shifts can be made to help you see the endless positive possibilities. – Kathleen Moore

Carol’s help has been absolutely critical in me moving forward in my life, living a great quality of life while starting and opening a brand new business. – Dr. Sharyl Truty 

The world is her workshop. She teaches people how to make the best out of any situation. Life isn’t always going to be sunshine and unicorns, but when you look on the bright side and when you find the beauty in the moment it makes life worth living and Carol is an expert on teaching people that. – Loretta-Maria Adkins

Carol CC Miller is the Epitome of LOVE, kindness, and compassion! She is a beacon of light for many when the inevitable darkness comes in from time and time. Her LOVE reminds people of why they are here, and her genuine kindness is a smooth balm to the soul. And, her HUGS!!!!!!!! There is nothing better. I have Loved Carol for over a decade and will love her throughout this lifetime. – Sunny Dawn Johnston

I feel fortunate to have crossed paths with my dear friend Carol CC Miller. Carol is a beacon of light and always serves to uplift, inspire and support anyone going through a challenging time. One of many things Carol and I share is a deep passion for supporting and giving voice to those who are often overlooked and deemed as outsiders. Carol’s golden heart is pure, rare, and something magical to experience in person. It’s a blessing to witness Carol’s continued commitment to helping raise the consciousness of humanity one day at a time through her empowering work and contributions. – Emmanuel Dagher

Carol came into the meet with us a couple of years ago at the Cook County Jail (the second-largest pre-trial detention facility in the Country), sensing that she could help. And help she has. Carol has walked with us on a unique aspect of a healing journey in our efforts to bring light and energy shifts to a place and people that yearn for it. She has shared with our staff inspiration, hope, and the opportunity to view their every day with a slightly different lens. Elevating the resilience of the protectors and care providers with her care and protection.  We are truly grateful to you, Carol, for supporting us on this healing mission. – Theresa Olson, Assistant Executive Director

Carol lifts everything and everyone to the next level. Infusing each venture with purpose and passion, the result of working with CC is professional advancement in your business and a sense of fun in your spirit. – Laura Caldwell, JD and Author

Carol has given me insight and tools that have helped me immensely in both my professional and personal lives. Carol has a gift for giving support in a way I’ve never known. – Jamie Migdal

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