The Journey

You have heard me say it dozens if not hundreds of times – life is beautiful and messy. I coach, speak, and write about positivity, and I believe all of that exists within the beauty and messiness of life. It’s about heightening the beauty through celebration and lessening the messiness of sorrow. It’s about joyful laughter and sad tears. It is about experiencing all of it.


While sometimes we want to discard or ignore the challenges we face, they are a part of living. Ignoring them is missing a part of your journey.


Over the last ten days, someone I LOVE took their own life, and someone else I LOVE gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I am in the middle of the beauty and the mess in real-time. The birth has brought great joy (and snuggles). Death has brought questions and profound sorrow.


While there were no signs of the pain he was feeling, I still have dealt with the ‘what could I have done, I should have called/texted more, and my life’s work is helping people feel worthy of living their lives in meaningful ways, why didn’t he reach out to me. AND I know I couldn’t have done anything. I cannot take away the pain his parents and siblings are feeling. I cannot turn back time and help him make a different decision. What I can do is show up in this beautiful and messy world from a LOVE space and hold that space for those who are in celebration AND those in sorrow.


I share this with you as a reminder that life is truly beautiful and messy, and whether you are in a moment of celebration or sorrow, you are worthy of living your precious life in a way that makes you feel seen, heard, and that you know you matter.


Reach out to someone and share your celebrations AND your sorrows. It can be a family member, friend, or someone professionally trained in the service you need.


My message to you today isn’t meant to be a downer; it is intended to remind you to LIVE truly.


Take that first deep breath right now as if you were just entering the world.


Share a smile, a kind word, or a hug, as it might just be you who needs it most.


Step into gratitude for the smallest things going right in your life and allow them to grow.


Let people you LOVE know that you LOVE them.


Let go of people you LOVE who aren’t good for you.


Be okay that you aren’t okay, knowing that it too, is part of your journey.


Reach out for support, and if you can, be a support to others.


To E, who has just joined this beautiful and messy world, I LOVED you then, I LOVE you now, and I will LOVE you forever. To N, who has left the world, I LOVED you then; I LOVE you now, and I will LOVE you forever.


Lastly, be gentle and kind with yourself and others as we journey through this beautiful and messy world.



National Suicide Prevention Line: 988

Survivors of Suicide Resources

National Alliance of Mental Illness
Help Line: 800-950-NAMI

You can also find other services on my FIND HELP page.

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