Carol CC Miller

Embrace Ease

Have you ever pondered how easily some things come for people? It is seemingly effortless for some, while others need help accomplishing it. I am amazed when I think of the visionaries behind the Internet, realizing it’s an energy exchange. I can get lost in Chicago’s skyline, marveling at the architectural brilliance of its creators. When …

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Joyful Encounters

How do you approach each day? Is it seen as a unique 24-hour gift, or just another repetition of the day before? It’s all too easy to fall into a daily routine and overlook those special moments, even on the toughest days. Surprisingly, even in challenging moments, there can be something extraordinary waiting to be …

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Reintroducing Me

Hi there! I want to introduce myself (or reintroduce myself) as I have a lot of friends on social media. Many of you, I know in person – family, friends, etc. Then there are more of you I know from online, some of whom I consider treasured friends and delightful acquaintances. If you know anything about me, …

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I LOVE BIG. I FEEL BIG. I HUG BIG. I SMILE BIG. I am focused on positivity and gratitude much of the time, AND at the same time, my heart hurts from injustice. My heart gets filled with anger and frustration when people take advantage of others and harm others—those who speak of integrity and …

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Finding Paradise

My stay in Panama City Beach ends this week as I head back to Chicago on Friday. I’ve been sharing many pictures of my 17th-floor perch via Facebook. Yesterday, I shared the above image with the following words: My 17th-floor perch. I happily share pictures of the many moods of the ocean and her mesmerizing …

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The Power of Hugs – Loretta

“I have always been a hugger.  Many moons ago, one of my tag lines, when I was saying goodbye to friends, was, “Give me a hug, it’s good for you!  I saw it on Donahue!”  I am dating myself, btw lol.  Fast forward to 2009, when I met Carol Miller on a Mediterranean cruise. What a magical adventure!  It …

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Living the Life

What does living your best life mean to you? Respond here, as I would LOVE to know what it looks like to you so I can hold the vision with and for you.   Part of living my best life is seeing and hearing the water from my home. For years, I have wanted to wake …

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