The power of YES

July 24, 2008 – I had the great pleasure of seeing Desmond Tutu speak at The Fetzer Institute with Jim Collier-Verseman.


On this day, 13 years ago, I didn’t realize how it would be a catalyst to my life-changing.


I LOVED his speech and fell in LOVE with him and his work. Fast forward a month when I decided to create a global event after several months of offering free hugs.

Why was this pivotal for me? I probably emailed over a hundred people/organizations to join me to offer free hugs in their location. I emailed many famous people who seemed to fit my mission of LOVING up the world one hug at a time. I emailed Mr. Tutu’s email address and received a YES shortly thereafter; he would like to join me. He ended up joining me twice before his retirement.


His YES came in a long line of no responses, and it reminded me that if I’m passionate about something to keep going until I get my yes.

His YES still reminds me that when I am tired, and I want to give up, to keep going, the YES is just around the corner.


His YES is a reminder that if I didn’t ask, the answer would have been no.


His YES truly changed my life, and not only did I do the first Global Free Hugs in 2008, but until COVID, I’ve done it annually since. My hugs work has impacted every aspect of my life.


Mr. Tutu retired in 2010, and I sent him an email congratulating him and his work. And HE emailed me back.

You never know when you will get your YES, your confirmation, your reason to keep going, but it’s there if you are willing to go for your dreams.

Here is to receiving your YES!

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