Moving On…

Four years ago, I said so long to 304. I lived there for over 11 years, and she was hard to give up, yet I knew it was the right move for me.


I’ve learned through my mom’s passing that home truly is where your heart is, even if it’s hard to give up the physical walls that hold my heart and keep me feeling safe.


Life evolves and changes, and not all of it is easy or even good while in the middle of it, yet it is so worthwhile. The butterfly pushes its way through the cocoon and takes a moment before spreading its wings, yet it still spreads them to fly.


I am grateful for the many places I’ve called home on this big, beautiful, and messy planet. I’m grateful for the people currently in my life, the people I’ve let go of, the people who let go of me, and the people I’ve yet to meet.


Wherever I go in life, I will take you with me in my heart as a reminder of what was as it’s brought me to what is and will keep me excited to see what’s to come.


All my LOVE,



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