Embrace Your Life Coaching

Are you feeling stuck, uncertain, or frustrated in your life, yet ready to move forward?

Are you ready to embrace YOUR life in a deeper and more meaningful way?

Are you ready to take a leap and LIVE your life rather than life living you?  


Some like to consider me a positive mindset maven. I prefer to call myself a positive heartset harmonizer. As your embrace your life guide, together we will discover the hidden gems within you that the world awaits to see and come up with inspired actions towards living YOUR best YOU. Are you ready? I AM!

Together we will discover and come up with inspired actions on how to…

Customized Coaching Sessions designed specifically for you!

Every detail of your sessions will be infused with LOVE, laughter, fun, inspired action, growth, and gratitude.

Group Coaching 

What I LOVE about group coaching is you learn a lot about yourself through listening to the other members journeys. Group coaching options include:


Team Intenders: A twice-monthly online gathering where we will focus on your intentions for the next three months.  The great part of groups like this, is the group SEES you and holds your intentions WITH you.



Inviting Your Future Self: This monthly group session puts you in the energy of feeling what you are yearning for to be here NOW.  Whether it’s a big dream or small dream, we’ll talk about it as if it’s here NOW and you will get to experience it. The energy of these sessions will stick with you for days after.


Commitment to living your best life means diving deep and discovering what is important to you, and committing to creating the space that allows your best self to show up in every experience.

Carol CC Miller
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