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Gather your friends for a group coaching party! What I LOVE about group coaching is the synergistic energy between you and the others in the session, supporting the collective whole to grow and flourish. What is even better is when you gather a group of friends to have a session together and support each other’s intentions! 

Group Options

Dream Activation:

You provide the dream, and I’ll provide the activation. This dynamic group session immerses you in the very essence of the sensations you crave, making them an immediate reality. Whether your aspiration is monumental or modest, your group will engage with it as though it’s already here. Through this immersive experience, your dream transforms from a distant vision to a tangible part of your existence. The energy from these sessions will resonate within you for days to come.

I have attended Carol’s dream activations and they are so powerful yet hard to put into words. The new insight they bring and the way they help bring more flow into what you are wanting to create in your life to bring forth those positive shifts and expansion of consciousness into your present moment.

Manifestation Mapping Session:

During this transformative session, we delve into your deepest desires and aspirations, uncovering your core ideals and non-negotiables. Together, we’ll craft affirmations that resonate with your goals and outline inspired actions that propel you towards your dreams. This collaborative environment ensures your friends stand beside you as you set your intentions and take decisive steps toward actualizing your aspirations.

Crafting Your Life Blueprint

Embark on an engaging and dynamic session where we curate a comprehensive list of your life’s desired experiences. Through interactive exercises, we will meticulously design a focused blueprint that directs your attention toward the key elements necessary to materialize your dreams. 

Group Pricing

Group size: 5 to 10. | Price: $300 | Time: 60 to 90 minutes | email to inquire: 

She encourages you to see your challenges from a new perspective
and in a helpful and productive manner.

Speaking Services

It is my great pleasure to share my passion and purpose of fully embracing life with your audience. 

Whether in-person or on Zoom for a professional association,  business meeting, or trade show/conference setting, I am prepared to share the transformative power of maintaining a positive focus and cultivating a compassionate mindset. My insights promise to resonate deeply, fostering personal and professional growth among your attendees while having fun.



  • The superpowers of positivity, kindness, compassion, and peace
  • The Power of Hugs and Connection
  • From Chaos to Calm
  • A specific talk created for your audience 

Invite me to inspire your group, meeting, conference, or online/in-person gathering.
I'll reveal the indispensable art of embracing life that everyone sh
ould master.

Consulting Services

With a decade-long expertise in event management and PR/marketing, I’m poised to infuse your heart-centered business with my skills.


From ideation to crafting retreats, workshops, and diverse ventures, I’ve nurtured business growth extensively. My passion lies in co-creating and fostering collaboration, making your projects flourish. 

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

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