The Power of a ((HUG))

Global Hugs, spearheaded by yours truly, a dedicated advocate for kindness, hosts the annual Global Hugs Weekend in May, uniting people in spreading LOVE through hugs. Beyond this weekend, the movement welcomes year-round participation to reach our goal of one million global hugs, emphasizing the profound impact of this simple gesture in making individuals feel valued and acknowledged. Through Positive Focus, a nonprofit founded by me, the movement has touched countless lives, fostering positivity and empathy. With a belief in the transformative power of hugs, we invite others to join our mission and imagine the ripple effect of over a million hugs worldwide.

Hug Programs

Global Hugs Movement

Global Hugs is an annual event that takes place the first weekend of May to bring world citizens together

 one hug at a time.

1 Million Hugs Movement

The 1 million hug movement was born to bring more LOVE and connection to world citizens one hug at a time. Whether you are part of the global event, or offering hugs during the year, count them up and help grow our hugs count to 1,000,000 hugs.


We are so excited to have you joining us

in the world hug movement!


Check out my video that will walk you through getting ready for hugs and the fun of the event.


I want to remind you that I was terrified the first time I did it and that was over a decade ago. So, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and join me on this amazing ride of LOVING up the world  one hug at a time.

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