My bucket list...

My Life is currently blessed. These experiences would enhance it. 

What is on your bucket list? I LOVE supporting you in creating and living your dreams!

People to Meet

MEET/HUG/COLLABORATE with heart-centered people LOVING up the world

in their way and are aligned with my values:

Dalai Lama


Jimmy Carter


Barack & Michelle Obama 


Bryan Stevenson


 The Elders



Iyanla Vanzant


Brene Brown


Elizabeth Gilbert


Glennon Doyle/Abby Wambach

Andy Grammer


 Michael Franti


Kelly Clarkson


Ellen Degeneres


Global huggers


Places to Experience



Experience the milky way in as many places as possible.


 African Safari


Iceland (elephant rock)


Nova Scotia (Canada)


Victoria/Vancouver (Canada)


Banff (Canada)


Lake Louise (Canada)




Australia/New Zealand




Galapagos Islands 


Greece (sailing)




 Netherlands (Tulip Festival)








 Yosemite National Park (CA)


Bryce Canyon (Utah)


Glacier National Park


Grand Tetons


Denali (Alaska)


Oregon Coast


Trips of Service



New York City


Washington DC


Animals in the wild:


Elephants (David Sheldrick)


Sloths (Costa Rica)






Wild Pigs (Exuma, Bahamas)


Hot air balloon ride over a scenic view


 Sleigh ride


 More of…










Whales in the wild

My Passion

Offering hugs around the country and world and speaking about the power of hugs and the million-hug movement.

Embrace Life Travels successful, fun, inspiring, and a local service component.

Help millions of people around the world to know they matter through speaking, coaching, and hugs.

Speak around the world on the power of connection and kindness.


 Achieve one million+ hugs.  


 Successful coaching practice helping people embrace their lives and achieve their dreams.


 Healthy heart-centered clients and colleagues. 


Fall in LOVE with an amazing man who LOVES and adores me as much as I do him.


Have a home that I can see/hear waves from bedroom.


Live on a houseboat.


Great seats for…

Broadway musicals

P!nk (concert)

Andy Grammer (concert)

Michael Franti (concert)

Kelly Clarkson (concert)

Lady GaGa (concert)


This or something greater!

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