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It’s time. It’s time to step into your greatness. Often, in order to do that, we need to release things that are holding us back from our greatness. Things that are keeping us in our comfort zone and feeling safe even if it isn’t living the life we want. It also could be letting go of something that used to work, but no longer serves you. Those can be the hardest things to let go of as we often want to ‘fix them’ and ‘make it work’. I am not remotely saying for you not to put the work in to fix anything, I am asking you to realize some things don’t need to be fixed, but rather released. They have served their time.

I recently experienced releasing something that no longer served me but it sure did when it started. I started Positive Focus in 2007 using the Meetup platform. Early on, I held lots of in-person events in Chicago and LOVED it. Book clubs, movie nights, free hugs, giving back event, you named it, we offered it. As time went on and my personal work schedule getting busier, the event offerings lessened as did participation. After 13 years AND the beginning of Positive Focus, I just closed the PF Meetup letting go of thousands of events and members. It was HARD to do and it was TIME to do it. I haven’t put much effort into it for a few years and it was an energetic drain. You know the saying, ‘either sh!t or get off the pot.’ It took a while to make that decision until I realized it wasn’t ending Positive Focus, it was releasing what no longer serves Positive Focus. By releasing it, it opens up for allowing in new energy, new opportunities, and most importantly… time.

Moving forward, I invite you to consider your precious time by:

Asking yourself ‘how does this (person/experience) serve me?’ I have thought about closing the PF meetup for a few years but I just wasn’t ready. It was still serving me. What I discovered was that it was serving me as a memory rather than a mission. Closing it felt like giving in rather than moving forward. When that energy shifted, closing it felt like a relief rather than a burden. It took time. Trust me, I’ve had several relationships that it took quite a while before I was ready to fully release it to allow in new. Allow yourself the time to know if the people and experiences are serving your highest good.

Knowing that time is precious. While each day may appear like the last one, it is different. We won’t get our yesterday back. Go through your day knowing how precious time is and thus you will make better decisions on how you want to spend it and who you want to spend it with.

Focusing on what time you have control of. If you are working in a job you don’t like, or you are in an unsatisfying relationship, you may feel you don’t have control of the ‘time’ you spend in that job or with that person. Yet, you still have control over how you move through the hard times in your life. You can move through them as a victor or a victim. FEEL what you need to feel and begin to take small steps towards how you want to spend your precious time and with who you want to spend it with.

Mostly, my wish for you to realize that you get to decide how precious your time is and what to do with it. You can choose to put more work into something, or you can choose if it’s time to release it and move forward. Be gentle with yourself on however you choose to spend it.

Time is precious. I encourage you to spend as much of it as you can in LOVE, kindness, compassion, and peace for yourself and others.

Until next time… you are eternally LOVED and are worthy of eternal LOVE.


I move through time with grace and ease.

Words to LOVE by:

“Every second is of infinite value.” – Goethe

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.” – Napoleon Hill

“The time is always right to do what is right.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

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