LOVE is like a boomerang

“A hug is like a boomerang – you get it back right away.” ~ Bil Keane

Do you ever just send love out to the Universe to help raise our collective vibration? I do. I energetically send it out to people I know are hurting, to animals that have lost their homes, to trees that are being burned or cut down, to our planet…

I energetically put my loving intentions out there hoping that I can help others heal; sometimes this is the only way I am able to connect with those I do not have a connection with.

Then I began to explore other ways I can build connections with people. I started to give out free hugs. On the first Saturday of each month, I give out free hugs to people in my community. I give out my love to people I do not know.

There are people who look at me like I have lost my mind, there are people who will go out of their way to avoid me because they are uncomfortable, and there are people who accept my love offering and give it back without hesitation.

It does not matter the reaction you receive, because all these people are benefiting from my loving act. I know that I have planted a seed of love that I may never get to see the flower, but I know that I have offered a new way of experiencing life they may not have known before this encounter.

You see, I started out thinking that I would be giving my love to others. Little did I know that I would be receiving the love from others in such a massive way. This kind act of hugging leaves such an enormous imprint on the people who witness the act, hear about the act, and those who are literally experiencing the act of receiving my hugs.

I can feel the energy shift from when I start to hug to when I am finishing. I see people brighten and smile more, I see others hugging and holding each other more, and I feel less sadness and hopelessness. Hugs are healing… hugs unite.

I joined Carol Miller this past Saturday in Niagara Falls, and together we hugged 506 people in 90 minutes. Tourists from all over the world happily received our love and appreciated our hugs. I know we are affecting global change when people are videotaping, taking pictures, cheering, and smiling as we hug people we do not know. We are raising the vibration of our planet whenever we share our love.

Love cuts right through all races, genders, ages, and sexual orientation because it speaks to our heart and knows no boundaries. I connected with people whom I could not have a conversation with because I did not understand their spoken language, but when we hugged, I felt their love and heard their heart.

Positive Focus has launched a Million Hugs Movement. Can you imagine the love we will be spreading all over the world? Please join us to reach a million hearts. Love heightens celebrations and lessens sorrows, as Carol Miller so eloquently puts it.

I can not articulate the magic that happens when you give your love out freely and without expectation. The connections you form in those brief seconds last a lifetime. That is the power of love.

I encourage you to send out love in a way that feels good to you: with your intentions, with your words, with your touch, with your actions… because I promise you when you give it out, it comes right back to you 10x stronger.

YOU are the one who benefits most from giving out your love because love is like a boomerang – it shoots right back to you! AND it just feels so good.




About Cindy: Cindy Lyon is a personal life coach and mentor for women seeking personal transformation to live their life on purpose. From 1-on-1 coaching sessions, workshops, books, and online courses; she helps women embrace their life, learn their worth, and follow their bliss.

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