A LOVE story manifested…

September 16, 2012: Even when I’m not ‘coaching,’ I am coaching. Melissa (red shirt) joined me for free hugs, and while we were enjoying a warm fall day and lots of hugs, she asked me a question. Below is what followed.

From Melissa: The power of manifestation and feeling!… During this free hug event in downtown Chicago, I told Carol to help me find a date for a dear friend’s wedding. Carol is the law of attraction expert she is; she asks me…”Who is this guy?”. I jokingly said tall, white & handsome. She then said, “Okay…okay… Well, how does this guy make you FEEL?…” I remember closing my eyes, and my friend Alan pops into my head. I opened my eyes and told her he’s the kind of person who would have fun with me.

The very next morning, around 6 am, I texted my friend Alan … 1.) Are you single 2.) Do you like Art?? (My girlfriend was having her wedding at the Art Institute of Chicago) 3.) Are you Free on Oct 20th? All of which he replied immediately to Yes… lol Yes… And Yes!

8 years later, ON THE VERY DAY of the free hugs event, we await our second baby’s arrival. WOW, The rest is history!

From yours truly: Often, our dreams are closer than we think; we can’t see the how, when, and why it will happen. Call your dreams closer to you by stepping into how you want to feel with that person, that home, that job, and that ‘whatever it is you desire to create in your life.

Congratulations, Melissa, Alan, Clark, and baby-to-be. Life is better with you in it!

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