Memories Made

Making Memories

While I have been a dreamer much of my life, it wasn’t until the last few years that I started writing down places I would like to go and people I’d like to meet. Below are things that have come to fruition as a reminder dreams come true.

2023 - Memories Made

November 24
Stepped foot on ANTARCTICA

November 24
HUGS in Antarctica adding 7th continent.

November 9 – 29
Living on a boat.

August 14
P!nk (1st time – Milwaukee)

July 29
Ed Sheeran (1st time – Soldier Field)

July 28
Andy Grammer (Decatur)

April 10 – 13
New York City (1st time)

April 12
Phantom of the Opera
(1st Broadway Play)

2022 - Memories Made

 May 20 – 22
Pittsburgh PA (3 Card games)

Living by the water (PBC)

2021 Memories Made

Grand Canyon (helicopter ride)


North Carolina (1st time)

2020 Memories Made

February – New Orleans
Mardi Gras (1st time) w/Loretta

2019 Memories Made

Andy Grammer (1st time) – Milwaukee

Met Global Hugger Cindy (Niagara Falls)

2018 Memories Made

April – Seattle
Saw Orcas in the wild (1st time)

2017 Memories Made

September – September
Embrace YOUR Life Travels (1st time)

2015 Memories Made

November – Grand Canyon

& saw the Milky Way

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