Group Coaching

Gather Your Friends for a Group Coaching Party

What I LOVE about group coaching is the synergistic energy between you and the others in the session, supporting the collective whole to grow and flourish. What is even better is when you gather a group of friends to have a session together and support each other’s intentions!

Group Offerings

Dream Activation:
You bring the dream, and I’ll bring the activation. This group session puts you in the energy of feeling what you are yearning for to be here NOW. Whether it’s a big dream or a small dream, your group will talk about it as if it’s here NOW, and you will get to experience feeling it as your reality rather than a dream. The energy of these sessions will stick with you for days after.

Intention Setting Session:
 In this session, we will discuss what you are yearning to create in your life, the ideals, and the must-haves, with some affirmations and inspired actions to step forward toward those dreams, all in a setting of having your friends support you in your plan as you do them.

Creating Your Focus Life Plan:
In this fun and interactive session, we will create a list of things you would like to experience in your life, and come up with a focus plan on what to give your attention to bring your dreams to fruition.

Group Pricing

$150.00 for groups of up to five people
Sessions last 60 to 90 minutes

Email: to discuss dates.

This woman is straight-up magic. Carol has been my go-to person when I need to be reminded of what matters. She has a wonderful way of cutting right through all the noise to remind you of your power and how to rise above the conflict and the struggle. – Melissa

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