Meet Loretta

How do we build a kinder world? One kind action at a time and we believe sharing a hug is one of the best ways to share kindness. We’ve been offering hugs around the world since 2008 and we’d LOVE for you to get the chance to meet huggers around the world.

From Carol: I have the great pleasure of knowing and LOVING Loretta since we meet in 2009 and she’s been a friend and world hugger ever since. If you find yourself in the Big Easy, I highly recommend saying hi and getting a hug.

Meet Loretta from New Orleans, Louisiana

How long have you been offering hugs?

11 years

What inspired you to start offering free hugs?

I have always been a hugger, but it was when I met Carol that I realized I could do it on a global scale!

Why is offering hugs important to you?

The human connection is underrated, and I believe that a simple hug has the power to change a life.

Do you remember your first time? Were you scared? Share your experience.

I am an affectionate person, so I wasn’t scared, and I have recruited lots of people over the years to join me

Where do you offer free hugs and how often?

At least once a year, in New Orleans now, the “Big Easy Huggers” and for years in Key West as the “Southernmost Huggers!”

Have you hugged in different states? countries? Tell us where.

Well, I happen to have offered some in Croatia, with you! What a magical experience!

If you could travel anywhere in the world to offer hugs, where would you go?

My next spot that I really want to go is Egypt, so I guess there

How many join you to offer free hugs? Or do you go solo?

I recruit people pretty easily

If you have some favorite hug experiences, we’d love to hear about them…

Of course, hugging in Hvar Croatia was magical, when we had kids coming back over and over to get more hugs.

One of my favorite things was meeting a Muslim gal hugging in Key West, and even though we didn’t speak the same language, I met her again in Paris and we have become fast friends seeing each other once a year, and her son has come to visit me too!

What languages do you speak?

English, Spanish, some French

What is the biggest takeaway for you personally on hugs? Anything else you’d like to share?

I love the feeling of connection with others and sharing loving energy.

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