What’s Your Story

What is your story? You are the main character in your story, so tell it well. Is it a story filled with LOVE or a store filled with fear? If you are looking for more LOVE in your life, tell me of the LOVE that currently exists in it from the littlest form and allow it to expand. If you are looking for more health in your life, tell me about where you are healthy, even if it’s bringing it to the simplest yet taken-for-granted health of being able to breathe on your own. If you are looking for more abundance in your life, tell me about the abundance you currently have – an abundance of friendship, of health, perhaps it’s an abundance of shoes. Share your story from a place of gratitude and appreciation for where you currently are and allow it to expand.


Moving forward, I invite you to share a story of:


LOVING life. Loving the miracles in your life AND finding love in the challenges of your life that have allowed you to gain a deeper understanding of what you don’t want to allow you to have a laser focus on what you do want.


Believing in you and knowing that everything you experience is part of your journey to living the very best life. By knowing the challenges only enhance the victories; it lessens their impact as you walk through them.


Being drama-free and not partaking in other people’s drama or the drama you’ll find in most major news outlets. Share the good that is going on in your life and the life of others, and allow that to expand. Send LOVE rather than judgment to those in need.


Mostly, my wish for you is that you are fully aware of the amazing gift life truly is, and you share your story with LOVE and compassion for life. You get to choose if life is a blessing or a curse, loving or fearful, so choose a story that ends with…and I lived happily ever after.


Until next time, I LOVE a good story, how about you?



My life is an amazing story filled with deep LOVE, laughter, and happiness.


Words to LOVE by:

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.” ~ Maya Angelou


“If you’ve heard this story before, don’t stop me because I’d like to hear it again.” ~ Groucho Marx


“We are the hero of our own story.” ~ Mary McCarthy


Sounds for the Soul:

LOVE Story – Taylor Swift


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