Get Creating

Get Creating

Did you know that you are a powerful creator? Yes, YOU! Do you consider yourself creative? I see many people who don’t feel creative because they don’t play an instrument, aren’t writers, or aren’t artists. Yes, those are creative outlets, as are sketching and knitting, but there is much more to being creative. YOU are a creator.


You may not have created a work of art in the eyes of art critics, or a song heard and cherished by millions, but you are creating yourself each day. Your thoughts, your words, and your actions are creative. They could be creating more of what you LOVE, or they could be creating more of what you fear.


And please remember – I am not an absolutist. I live, work, and play on a spectrum of 0, constantly negative, to 100, always positive. It is where you spend most of your time in your thoughts, words, and actions that matter most.


Moving forward, I encourage you to create the best version of your life by:


Asking yourself what it means to live your best life. How would you feel if you were living your best life? What would you be experiencing if you were living your best life? From the slightest idea to the largest idea, write it all down.


Starting your day with intention. How do you want this day to go? Do you want it to be fun and productive? Rather than let the day start you, create your day intentionally.


Visualizing the best version of your life. Please take a moment each day; I would keep it under five minutes and put yourself in the space of LIVING that best life. See yourself in the relationship, in the house, in the car, whatever it is that is on your best life list. Get into the feeling place of what it will feel like when you get there.


Letting go of the outcome and what you cannot control. Keep focused on how you want to feel when living your best life rather than how and when it will appear. And especially let go of what is out of your control. You cannot control other people, they either enhance or detract from your life, but you are the one that makes it. Focus on what you can control.


Mostly, my wish for you this week is to start taking small steps forward in believing that you are a powerful creator on a mission to create a more LOVING, kind, compassionate, peaceful, and joyful life. Why, because that is the life you deserve.


Until next time, get to creating YOUR masterpiece life.

Below is yesterday’s Embrace Your Life Chat, where I discussed being creative. Take a listen, and tune in today at 11:30 AM CST for another Embrace Your Life Chat on Positive Focus.



I am creating the best possible life for me.


Words to LOVE by:

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. – Maya Angelou

Every thought we think is creating our future. – Louise Hay

The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. – Sylvia Plath


Sounds for YOUR Soul:

Dream Weaver – Gary Wright

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