A Waterfall of Hugs

How do you begin a movement that is beyond words? I’ve been on this quest to help people feel seen and know they matter since my very first free hug in January 2008. When I started hugs then, I thought it would be nice to spread some kindness, but in no way did I know it would have the impact it had (has) on me.

The 1 Million Hug Movement started at 50,000 hugs, which was a low estimate of the hugs my global hug team and I have given out since 2008, but we needed to start somewhere, right?

The ‘official’ start was my journey to Niagara Falls, Canada on August 31, 2019. I was met there by Cindy, a new global hugger from Guelph, Ontario. She journeyed 90 minutes to meet me for 90 minutes of hugging.

What took place thereafter can only be described as a down-pouring of hugs… a waterfall so-to-speak.

As I walked up to the location I was to meet Cindy, she was already there hugging!

We did a quick hello and hug and then got started. For the next 90 minutes, it was rare our arms weren’t holding people from all walks of life from all over the world.

We hugged young and old. We shared smiles, kind words, and laughter with all receiving hugs and simply walking by. Kids and adults ran into our arms. People in cars waved and offered air hugs. We shared our 1 Million Hug Movement plan and all agreed the world could use more hugs.

Just like the power of the falls directly across the street from us, we felt the power of all the hugs we gave and received. By the end of our 90 minutes, we had given and received 506 hugs. Cindy is a HUGGER. She received 271 and yours truly received 235. Cindy joined the hug team for World Hugs Weekend 2019 and now offers hugs once a month in her community…and she hugs solo.

I still like having at least one person with my hugging… I’m a work in progress. However, for the 1 Million Hug Movement. I will forge on to become a HUGGER like Cindy.

A new friendship forged and LOTS of hugs given and received made for a magical day.

So, whether you go out and offer a hug solo, or you get a little support from a friend, I encourage you to join the 1 Million Hug Movement and offer a hug today… it might just be you who needs it most.



Hug count: 50, 507

Sign up HERE to join the hug team.

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