A Mob of Hugs

One hug at a time…we’re creating more LOVE in the world. Here is Edie’s hug story from this weekend.

** And she signed up for World Hugs Weekend 2020

This weekend, my community of Doylestown, PA had their annual Arts Festival which brings people from all over the world, to enjoy art, music, food and each other’s company. The weather was perfect for hugging it out. As I have done since launching Hugmobsters Armed With Love in 2014, I strolled the streets with my red and white sign and open arms. I shared the story about the founding of the group and what sustains it, multiple times, even with those who chose not to embrace. Since it is all about consent, when someone declines, I don’t take it personally and I thank them and suggest that they hug someone, if not me. High fives, fist bumps, and handshakes substitute for some.

On this particular weekend, I hugged somewhere around 150 people and a few canines. As much as I enjoy having people say yes when I ask them if they would like a hug, what is even greater delight is when people approach me, arms outstretched and ask me to hug them.

Freckles is a Great Dane who brings his people there each year. Spiderman remembered that we had hugged last year. A man whose grandparents were visiting from New Mexico came over for a hug. A cyclist named Joe was pushing his bike and offered me a hug, as did a young woman named Stephanie. After purchasing a ring from an artist, we hugged it out.

Ran into many friends such as Sharon and made several new ones, among them, one who is an internationally known musician who hails from Ireland. His name is Seamus Kelleher.

I look forward to hitting the streets again soon to do one of the things I love best and what I was born to do.




Hug count: 50, 659

(estimated hugs)

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