Is LOVE wasted?

Recently a friend posted about an x relationship that was abusive. She listed many things about his abusive behavior, not just to her, but he was generally mean to many people. She asked herself how she could let someone like that into her heart, as many of us do in unhealthy relationships. She then shared how a beautiful child came out of that tumultuous relationship and ended it with the statement LOVE is never wasted. This happened many years ago, and she and her adult son are thriving.


It got me thinking about the power of LOVE and even the saying, ‘LOVE is all you need.’


Before we go further, I want to remind you that I am not an absolutist. There are seven billion people worldwide, and I cannot possibly know that something is always good or bad for others. I see things as what is true most of the time rather than always or never, good or bad, right or wrong.


1: Always negative – 100: Always positive.


So, the question is: Is LOVE never wasted, and is LOVE all you need?


For me, LOVE is at the crux of everything. Through LOVE, we heal, celebrate, mourn, and move forward. Allowing LOVE to be my guide doesn’t mean I don’t feel frustrated, angry, hurt, or unworthy at times, but it does mean that LOVE helps me move forward.


LOVE is there in my sadness or disappointment, it might be masked by my focus on what I am upset about, but it’s still there. LOVE doesn’t hate sadness, fear, frustration, or any negative emotions; it embraces them to help transmute them. LOVE doesn’t require forgiveness. It may encourage it, but LOVE is there when you aren’t ready to forgive. LOVE is true strength and allows boundaries.


I wanted to share this with you in case you feel you have wasted your LOVE and time on a relationship or job. You didn’t. It may not have turned out how you wanted it to, but I believe that your LOVE wasn’t wasted. Within that time spent, you learned and grew. I have indeed wondered what my life would look like if I had left that job sooner or didn’t try so hard to make that relationship work. And the answer is that it would be different. Perhaps better. Perhaps worse. Different, for sure. It is part of the beautiful and messy world we live in.


My LOVE doesn’t have conditions. My participation does.


Moving forward, I encourage you to move through this beautiful and messy world by asking, ‘what would LOVE do.’


LOVE might have you leave, or it might have you stay.


LOVE might have you work harder or not work so hard.


LOVE might have you set more boundaries or tell you to lessen the grip.


When you listen to LOVE, you will find that it heightens your celebrations and lessens your sorrows.


When you listen to LOVE, you will find that it heightens your celebrations and lessens your sorrows.


Most of the time (99.9%), LOVE will encourage you to be gentle with yourself as you move through this beautiful and messy world.


Until next time, LOVE sees you, and so do I.


Much LOVE, and big HUGS,

What is happening in your world that you LOVE? EMAIL ME and let me know.



I choose LOVING thoughts, words, and actions.


Words to LOVE by:

The need for LOVE lies at the very foundation of human existence. – Dalai Lama


A LOVING heart is the truest wisdom. – Charles Dickens


Where there is LOVE, there is life. – Mahatma Gandhi


Sounds for Your Soul:

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