Positive Focus History

In 2007, Positive Focus began with the intention of holding inspirational events, gives back events, and fun social events helping people to focus on LOVE over fear, abundance over lack, diversity over differences, and peace over conflict. The plan was to have a physical building in Chicago – a positive community center.

We had book clubs, movie nights, discussion groups, volunteering events, and fun social events.

While the mission of helping people has been there from the beginning, check out my Positive Focus Tribute to learn about the true beginnings of Positive Focus.

In January 2008, we held our first hug event, which by the fall of that year, we held our first global event and Desmond Tutu participated!

It was a new and powerful way to get our message of LOVE out in the world, and ((HUGS)) has become our main focus.

In January of 2009, we received our 501c3 nonprofit status and continue to be a volunteer-led organization offering people the option to LOVE themselves and the world one positive thought, word, action, or hug at a time.


Over the years, people have come and gone, and as Positive Focus grew, so did I. Trust me, there have been many a day that I have thought about calling it quits. But, the burning desire to help people see that they matter in this big beautiful, and messy world far exceeds my fear.

While we still offer some positive thought-provoking events, our main focus has shifted to LOVING up the world one ((HUG)) at a time.

I am a big believer that people who feel seen and heard in the world are far less likely to harm themselves or others, so join me in spreading LOVE, kindness, compassion, and peace with Positive Focus.




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