What is your New Year’s Resolution?

Happy New Year!


Many have written resolutions and created goals for how they want in the upcoming year. I’m personally not a fan of goals or resolutions. I prefer to focus on what I want to experience in the new year and my life. I like to choose a word to help guide me through a year of experiences, and for 2019 my word is LOVE.


We can get stuck on the word LOVE as simply romantic love, but LOVE is so much more than just romance. It’s about being in LOVE with life – the celebrations and the sorrows as LOVE is within it all.


LOVE is there in celebration and sorrow.


LOVE is there to lift you higher to help you soar, and it is there to hold you up when you feel weak.


LOVE is there to welcome in new life and there to hold you tight during last breath moments.


LOVE is there to hold you up when opportunities don’t turn out the way you had hoped they would, and you aren’t quite in the space to see the higher good from experience.


LOVE Is there to hold you tight when relationships end, and you aren’t ready to move on but know you should.


LOVE is there to offer your mind and body the time to catch up to what your spirit already knows, that changes are there to serve you rather than harm you.


LOVE is there in the laughter as it is in tears.


LOVE is there when you are scared and feeling like you are not enough, just as much as when you are on top of the world knowing you are rocking life.


LOVE is strong, courageous, and vulnerable.


LOVE says no respectfully.


LOVE helps others.


LOVE doesn’t judge.


LOVE is compassion in action.


LOVE is an open heart, an open mind, and open arms.


LOVE sees past hurts.


The deeper you fall in LOVE with LOVE, the more you realize that LOVE is everywhere; we get to choose how to walk with it. We can fight it and tell ourselves fear is winning, or we can walk with it and allow it to lessen the hardship and heighten the grace and ease.


I will focus on thinking from a space of LOVE, speaking from a space of LOVE, and acting from a space of LOVE. When I falter and allow fear to do my thinking, speaking, and acting…I will call on LOVE, be gentle with myself, and step back into knowing the truth that LOVE IS.


LOVE is my word for 2019. I will honor it, I will cherish it, I will celebrate it, and I will remind myself regardless of my circumstances or worldly circumstances; it simply is.


Moving forward, I encourage you to go through 2019 with a guide word by:


Choosing a word to use as a guide to help you in all decisions and opportunities. I’ve used brave, courage, and fun as past words, and each helped me throughout the year.


Looking for the good in each experience. When things are going great, we can start taking things for granted, so make sure to live in appreciation during the celebrations. When you are dealing with challenges, you may have to dig a little deeper, but gratitude is there waiting to be seen.


Being gentle with yourself. The new year offers hope and possibility, and you can easily lose that glimmer of hope when challenges come up. See those challenges as helping define your dreams, not derail them. Be gentle with yourself as you move through the year and years to come.


Being kind to yourself and others. Kindness doesn’t mean being a doormat. Kindness says no, yet it does so with compassion and respect.


Releasing people and experiences that are toxic to you. Do what you can to heal and make things better, but for some people, it is easier to LOVE from afar, so release them to fly. LOVE will always be there, and when you think of them, you can send them LOVE.


Following your heart. Some say follow your heart but bring your head with you. I personally believe our hearts are so much smarter than we give them credit for. If we truly listen to our hearts, LOVE will lead.


Mostly, my wish for you is a year filled with you seeing the specialness of each day, not just the holidays or weekends, but every day. That you honor yourself with kindness rather than tear down your hurts.


Until next time, you are LOVED.



I am LOVE.


Words to LOVE by:

“There is only one happiness in this life, to LOVE and be loved.” ~ George Sand

“LOVE yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out.” ~ Jenn Proske

“True LOVE stories never have endings.” ~ Richard Bach


Sounds for the SOUL:

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