Waves of Grief

Grief is like a vast body of water.

There will be days, especially early on in your grief journey, that the waves are pounding too fast for you to keep up with and you won’t know how you don’t sink to the bottom.

There will be days where a rogue wave hits you and takes you under the water for a moment where you will find it difficult to catch your breath.

There will be days of continuous rocking from the waves and although you feel them, you will find some comfort in them too.

There will be days where the sunlight glistens on the smooth surface of the water and you will feel deep peace.

There will be ugly cry days, tearful days, and mixed in their lots of laughter.

There will be days that the memories are painful and days where they are soothing.

There will be days that grief feels like a downpour, days that it’s a light sprinkle, and days you feel the sunlight.

Within each of the days ahead, there will be great LOVE acting as your life vest until the huge waves have subsided and are fewer and further between. A rogue wave will probably visit throughout the rest of your journey but it won’t be your norm.

You will think of them often, begin to smile more than you cry, and discover a deeper appreciation for the preciousness of life than ever before.

You are so very LOVED as are your LOVED ones now gone.

Dedicated to my mom (12.14.18), Mika (9.23.19), and anyone who is walking with grief.

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