When it hits the 40s and dare, I say 50 in Chicago, that means – Spring is in the air! Windows are open, fresh air is coming in, and it’s time for spring cleaning! I love spring for various reasons – rejuvenation of life, flowers blooming, warmer weather, and sunnier skies. I also enjoy spring cleaning as it’s a time to get rid of things that no longer serve me and open space for the season’s newness. I give some things away that can be of service to others while others are discarded. I open the windows to freshen the winter air, put on some good tunes, and start cleaning my space.


While cleaning your physical space feels good, I encourage you to use the freshness of spring to clear out your mental space too? Do a spring clearing of negative thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you. Open your heart and let some fresh and uplifting ideas in. Share views of hope, LOVE, and possibilities with others. Say goodbye to limiting beliefs and discard doom and gloom thoughts. When you start clearing out those old thoughts and allowing refreshed, positive thoughts in, watch yourself bloom and come alive to live your best life. And remember, your happiness doesn’t negate someone else’s sorrow, just as your sorrow doesn’t negate someone else’s happiness.


Moving forward, I invite you to clean out your consciousness by:


Affirming your truth of goodness, beauty, LOVE, and joy.


Seeing the good in you, others, and in life.


Focusing on the life, you yearn to live rather than give energy to your fears.


Ask what LOVE would say or do and act accordingly.


Mostly, my wish for you is to clear out any cobwebs of negative self-talk and old beliefs and open yourself up for the possibility of your life filled with LOVE, kindness, compassion, peace, and joyful adventures.


Until next week, open the window to your soul and let in the sunshine.




I continue to flourish and grow in all aspects of my life.


Words to LOVE by:


Nature is springs way of saying, “Let’s Party.” ~ Robin Williams


Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself. ~ Zen Proverb


“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome. ~ Anne Bradstreet


Words to LOVE by:


Cover Me in Sunshine – P!nk

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