Sending LOVE

Today’s positive musings are simple and can be challenging if you hold on tight to hurt.


My motto is to LOVE without condition. My conditions come with how I choose to participate. Sometimes that means lessening my time with certain people, and sometimes it means LOVING them energetically while not participating with them in my life.


A practice I do is to think of the various people in my life – the easy relationships, the relationships that are frequent in my life, the relationships that are infrequent in my life, and the relationships that are challenging and may bring up hurtful feelings.


Whether I am happy thinking about the person, worried about the person, sad, hurt, or angry about the person, I send them LOVE. I wrap them in my embrace, see their heart, wish them well, and send them LOVE.


This practice is easy when the person you are thinking about makes you smile. It’s more complicated when you are worried about someone, yet knowing that LOVE and worry are different energy levels, I return to LOVE when worry visits me (and it does).


The hardest to send LOVE to are those that have hurt you, or perhaps it’s not even a person you know doing dangerous and harmful things in the world. I would LOVE to say that my first inclination is to send LOVE. However, it’s often not the case. My first thoughts are of them not doing well because of what hurt they have caused. Then, I remind myself of a few things:


Holding on to the hurt and anger is not serving me.

My hurt is holding on to the sadness and anger; my heart knows that LOVE is the answer.

I ask myself, who do I want to be in the world, and how do I want to show up?


Please note that the ease or difficulty of this practice depends on how painful the relationship was in your life. Nor does it diminish the need to work through the situation and heal from within or remove consequences from those that harm others. What it does is help release your hurt, anger, or worry and return you to allowing LOVE to be your guide.


I invite you to put your hand on your heart and think of:


Someone you are mad at and send them LOVE.


Someone who hurt you and send them LOVE.


A politician or political party you disagree with and send them LOVE.


The person who couldn’t show up for you the way you wanted them to and send them LOVE.


The person you LOVE and are worried about, send them LOVE rather than worry.


The boss who is hard on you, send them LOVE.


The person who teases you and thinks it’s funny, send them LOVE.


The person(s) who do show up for you, send them LOVE.


The person(s) who SEES you and gets you, send them LOVE.


The teacher who saw your gifts, send them LOVE.


And mostly want you to think of YOU and send you LOVE. I want you to LOVE up all of you, the parts you are proud of AND the parts of you that you don’t like. You are worthy of giving and receiving LOVE. Know that to be true.


Until next time, I am sending YOU LOVE.




I choose LOVING thoughts, words, and actions.


Words to LOVE by:


Where there is love, there is life. – Mahatma Gandhi


There is no remedy for love but to love more. – Henry David Thoreau


A loving heart is the truest wisdom. – Charles Dickens


Love alone can rekindle life. – Henri Frederic Amiel


Sounds for YOUR Soul:

Give Me LOVE – George Harrison

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