Are you Love in Action?

I often get asked ‘how can I be kind or LOVING to unkind and hateful people,’ so I want to share what LOVE in action means to me.

For me LOVE in action means:

When you operate your day-to-day life by asking what would LOVE think, speak, or do in any given situation and then move forward with that knowledge, you are being LOVED in action.

Being kind knowing that kindness is a true strength as it’s quite easy to step into fear when others choose to think, speak, and act from a space of fear.

Having compassion and empathy for others even if you don’t agree with their thoughts, words, and actions.

Choosing thoughts, words, and actions that will uplift rather than tear down.

Releasing the need for name-calling, even when it feels justified. Releasing calling people names you don’t even know – an example I recently saw on Facebook ‘I admire he is jogging, but what an idiot to be jogging in shorts in this weather.’ Words have energy and although the jogger may not hear the words said against him, words are alive and do have an effect on you.

Knowing that LOVE wins while knowing that fear-based thoughts, words, and actions have consequences to be dealt with. Be LOVING rather than righteous while those dealing with their consequences.

Standing up against oppression, injustice, unkindness, and any fear-based movement, yet standing in a space of respect, strength, courage, and LOVE.

Asking yourself who do you want to show up as in life? As a helper or a hurter?

Going high when fear wants to bring you low.

Being you even if you don’t seem to conform with others around you.

LOVING unconditionally and placing conditions on who you share your precious time, energy, and heart with.

Remembering that LOVE is not a doormat and does say no, it just does so with kindness and compassion.

Mostly, my wish for you is to stand tall in the truth that love is the answer. Think LOVE – Speak LOVE – Act LOVE – Be LOVE.

Until next time, let LOVE by your guide.

Big love,


PS – What is LOVE in action to you? I’d LOVE to hear it.


I will think, speak, and act from a space of LOVE for myself and others.

Words to LOVE By

Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of LOVE, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. ~ Mother Teresa

When we come into contact with the other person, our thoughts and actions should express our mind of compassion, even if that person says and does things that are not easy to accept. We practice in this way until we see clearly that our LOVE is not contingent upon the other person being LOVABLE. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

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