The 1 Million Hug Movement – here we go.

I received a text from my very dear friend, Tina, telling me about a hug she gave out today. She wondered if it could be added to my 1 Million Hug Movement and I told her absolutely. While running errands with her dog Brophy, she called a bakery to place an order. She told them she had her dog with her, so she wanted to come in quickly and pick up the order. As she entered the bakery, Judy, who she had talked to on the phone, ran in the back and grabbed her order quickly as she didn’t want Brophy out in the car long either. Tina gave Judy a big hug and Judy was so happy to receive one.

So hug 50,001 goes to Tina and Judy. That’s what hugs are all about…letting people know they are seen and that they matter.

To be included in the Million Hugs – share a story about the hug, include a picture and send it to me.

Share a hug today… it might be just you that needs it most.

Hug count 50, 001

Sign up to be part of the hug team HERE.

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