Reintroducing Me

Hi there!

I want to introduce myself (or reintroduce myself) as I have a lot of friends on social media. Many of you, I know in person – family, friends, etc. Then there are more of you I know from online, some of whom I consider treasured friends and delightful acquaintances. 

If you know anything about me, you know my passion is to share positivity, LOVE, kindness, compassion, peace, and hugs in this beautiful and messy world.

Some of you who don’t know me well might think I’m a Pollyanna, rainbows, and unicorn kind of girl. While I choose to come from a space of hope and optimism, I am equally passionate about social justice, marginalized communities, and equity. So please do not mistake my optimism, LOVE, and kindness for pretending life is rainbows and unicorns, as you would be wrong. 

Here are a few more things about me and things I believe:

My LOVE is unconditional. My participation has conditions. We can disagree about food, baseball, and the weather. We cannot dispute human rights, LOVING who you LOVE, and being who you are.

I am not an absolutist (always/never, right/wrong, good/bad) and live on a scale of 0 being always negative, 100 being always positive (kind, LOVING, compassionate) – and I strive to stay in the 80%+ state of mind.I am a #blacklivesmatter ally.

I am an LGBTQAI+ ally.

I am an ally of marginalized communities.

I am pro-choice, and women choose what is suitable for their bodies.

I am for stricter gun laws, background checks, etc.

I am for teaching kids critical race theory, and I know I still have much to learn.

Oh, and I certainly won’t get it right all the time.

I am a white woman educated in the American system; I am sure I have an unconscious bias that I continue to learn and unlearn.

White privilege is real, and I will do what I can to use mine to help, not hinder.

 I wear (or wore) masks to help others and will do so again.


I LOVE this country, AND I am fully aware of its horrific treatment of indigenous people, enslaved people, immigrants, etc.


I believe we can AND must do better.


I believe in kindness.


Calling names, bullying, and causing harm to others, even if their behavior ‘started it,’ makes me no better than them in venomous words and actions of hatred. I will continue to demand their actions are held accountable while not adding to their hate-filled energy.


Human trafficking is horrific. I’m sure only traffickers think it’s not, but I also know when it’s used as propaganda for conspiracy theorists.


I believe in researching a controversial topic before sharing it on social media from reliable sources, not just opinions.


I am for anyone who has been racist, misogynistic, and homophobic (the list goes on) and has opened their hearts and minds to learn and grow. Bryan Stevenson’s work has shown me examples of people changing. I’m not here to change you, but I happily welcome you if you are ready.


While I am not Christian (or any religion), I am pro you having a right to your faith, but telling others who they should or should not pray to is not okay. From my small knowledge of all the different religions, they all stemmed from LOVE, and then followers changed the messaging out of fear.


I will continue to come from LOVE, kindness, compassion, positivity, peace, and hugs. I will undoubtedly get mad and seek ways to grow LOVE instead of hatred and fear. LOVE is not a doormat that looks away. LOVE gets in there and does the hard work. LOVE is we, not me.


I share this because I will continue to share positive, uplifting messages as I hope to inspire people to be more LOVING, kinder, compassionate, and peaceful. I will continue to call out racism, homophobia, etc., in my own way.

If you agree with me, great. If you don’t, that is your prerogative. 


My LOVE is unconditional. My participation is not.  

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