LOVE & peace

Asking for a favor

Will you do me a favor?   Take a moment right now and put everything aside.   Step 1: Close your eyes and put your hand on your heart. Put your hand on your skin rather than your clothing if you can.   Step 2: B R E A T H E. Take several slow …

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Bravery shows up differently for each of us.   If getting out of bed is a brave thing you do today. I see you.   If staying in bed is a brave thing you do today. I see you.   If ending a relationship that doesn’t serve you is a brave thing you do today. …

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Hugging You

 This beautiful and messy world is sure a lot these days. War, COVID, racism, unrest, and climate issues are just a few things that might have your attention. Yes, they are hard. And yes, there is also goodness, LOVE, kindness, and beauty worldwide.   Don’t lose sight of the world YOU want to live in …

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A gentle reminder

A gentle reminder: Someone is saying hello at the beginning of a LOVED one’s life. Someone is saying goodbye at the end of a LOVED one’s life. Someone is celebrating a new LOVE, job, home. Someone is in sorrow over losing a LOVE, job, or home. Someone is getting great news from their doctor. Someone …

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Rising Above It

Today was a heavy day with what is going on in Ukraine, and other places in the world and within the US. While my heart gets heavy with what is going on in the world, I know that rising above fear is the way through it.  I I find stepping into fear easily and being …

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Say what?

  What did you say? Did you really say that to yourself? Whew, our self-talk can be toxic. It’s certainly something that I stay conscious of myself and with clients.   What is self-talk? It is talk or thoughts directed at oneself. Psychologists believe that the vast majority of our emotions come from the way …

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Get Creating

Get Creating

Did you know that you are a powerful creator? Yes, YOU! Do you consider yourself creative? I see many people who don’t feel creative because they don’t play an instrument, aren’t writers, or aren’t artists. Yes, those are creative outlets, as are sketching and knitting, but there is much more to being creative. YOU are a creator.   …

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It’s New

Happy February! We’re a month into 2022, AND it’s the Chinese New Year. While I LOVE January 1st as a fresh start, I LOVE looking at the traditions of the Chinese New Year too.   This year, 2022, is the year of the Tiger, and that is my Chinese Animal Zodiac, and you can find …

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Desmond Tutu Quotes

On Sunday, the world lost an amazing man – Desmond Tutu, and I lost a man who changed my world. I’ve shared his importance in my life before, so I’ll keep it short. I invited him to join my first global hug event in 2008, and he said YES! He then joined a second time before …

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Pinch Me

Have you ever thought about life as being one big spice rack? You get to choose which ingredients to add to your life. You can choose LOVING ingredients, or you can choose fearful ones. You can choose peaceful or hateful. You can choose abundance or scarcity. You can choose light or dark. Be the best …

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