Appreciation & Gratitude

It’s time to live

Are you LIVING the dream? Are you living? Or are you simply alive?   I was thinking about the differences between being alive and living. To me, being alive is waking up, breathing, getting through the day, going to bed, and starting it all over again. To live, to truly LIVE, is waking up, breathing …

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Desmond Tutu Quotes

On Sunday, the world lost an amazing man – Desmond Tutu, and I lost a man who changed my world. I’ve shared his importance in my life before, so I’ll keep it short. I invited him to join my first global hug event in 2008, and he said YES! He then joined a second time before …

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Pinch Me

Have you ever thought about life as being one big spice rack? You get to choose which ingredients to add to your life. You can choose LOVING ingredients, or you can choose fearful ones. You can choose peaceful or hateful. You can choose abundance or scarcity. You can choose light or dark. Be the best …

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Odds Are

Did you know 9 out of 10 dentists recommend a certain toothpaste? Or how about 3 out of 4 surveyed like________ (fill in the blank)? It’s interesting how we rely on odds for many facets of our lives, from buying toothpaste to health and LOVE. And we want the odds in our favor. But if …

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A beautiful day

I recently experienced “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” and I would like to say my life has been changed for the better. And yet, it goes deeper than that, so deep, it’s hard to express with words. Below is my attempt at reviewing a movie that now lives inside of me. The movie was …

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Are you ready to graduate?

Are you ready to graduate? It’s that time of year again where people are graduating from a variety of educational levels. I just attended pre-school graduation and let me tell you, when all those littles threw their caps in the air, it was a sight to be seen. Graduation day is filled with anticipation, excitement, …

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Is Thank You Enough?

I am Carol CC Miller, Founder, and CEO of Positive Focus.   Have you ever found yourself at a loss for words? A time where the two most powerful words you know – THANK YOU, simply doesn’t seem to be enough?   We just completed our World Hugs Weekend 2019. After 11 years and 14 …

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Trick or Treat

So, it’s the time of year for costumes, candy, and trick or treating. We put on costumes to become different character for fun. Kids are out knocking on doors to get treats, and if they don’t get them, then comes the tricking part. I invite you to look at these Halloween traditions in a new …

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Dolphins versus sharks

dolphins versus sharks

Dolphins versus sharks:   Do you have people in your life who celebrate with you and hold that vision with you on living your dreams fully? You know, the people that when you share what you are up to, they get excited for and with you, and you leave that conversation even more pumped than …

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